The Bathroom – Can it really Be Cleaned?

Bathroom CleaningA recent study of conducted into wet room hygiene, has indicated that the bathroom happens to be one of the dirtiest places around the house when it comes to bacteria. The study also came up with a list of tips and advice on how to make bathroom hygiene effective and manageable. Here are some of the things that might help you in the blitz against germs in the bathroom:

-First and foremost, clean the bathroom on a regular basis, even if you don’t go all out with scrubbing and rubbing every inch. A thorough disinfection of the bathroom will be much more effective after three smaller clean-ups during the month.

-Deal with soap scum and scaling right there and then. Soap scum and lime scale are almost impossible to remove once dried up. Wipe surfaces inside the bathroom with a towel every time you take a shower. This will not deal with the problem completely, but your thorough monthly cleaning will be much easier and more efficient this way.

Grout is also a big problem to keep clean and mould free. Instead of grinding your fingers away in hours of scrubbing mould and residue from tile grout, simply spray diluted bleach in problematic areas and rinse it off using hot water. Doing this on a regular basis will reduce fungal growth greatly. Bleach will also kill off most of the bacteria growing on tile grout.

-Using an all-purpose cleaner on bathroom tilework may seem ineffective, but in fact it can help reduce your cleaning efforts. Use a spray bottle to cover all tiles with the cleaner evenly. Leave the hot water on, without running the exhaust fan for about twenty or so minutes. Shut the door on your way out. The hot steam and the all-purpose cleaner will mix and dissolve any trace of mould, residue or scum off the tiles. This method is just as suitable for cleaning floor tiles as well.

-Reduce scaling on all tilework by applying a coat of any old car wax, once a year. The car wax will eventually be washed off though there will be no mould, residue or scaling on your tiles. The wax does not blemish the look of your tiles.

-The bathroom sink suffers from the same issues as the tiles. Clean the sink quickly and easily using baking soda and vinegar – this will work for the drain and the ceramic surface of the sink. Wash off the soda and vinegar down the drain using hot water. For the faucets and other chrome features use antibacterial wet wipes – they do actually work.