How to clean a ceramic sink easily

Ceramic sink cleaningThere are numerous materials from which sinks are made but ceramic is undoubtedly the most beautiful. Ceramic sinks are considered to be classy and are preferred by both interior designers and homeowners. However lots of people don’t opt for ceramic sinks because they wrongly assume that these sinks are hard to clean. If you have recently mounted a ceramic sink in your kitchen or bathroom here is what you should do to maintain it clean.

Before you begin the sink cleaning go to your local supermarket and buy some bicarbonate of soda more commonly known as baking soda, and a bottle of white vinegar. You will need these supplies because you will make your own ceramic sink cleaning detergent by using them. Visit Carpet Cleaning Tower Hamlets for additional tips.

Next get the sink plug and plug your sink. Now sprinkle the baking soda around your sink. Make sure that you concentrate on the hard to clean areas where soap scum, grease and limescale tends to built-up. Open the bottle of white vinegar and pour a small amount of the vinegar over your sink and watch the baking soda and vinegar react. When these does ingredients react to one another they make a fizz-like sound so don’t be alarmed by it as it is perfectly normal.

Ceramic sink cleaningNow take a clean sponge or cloth towel and begin treating the sink’s surfaces with the mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. Soon after you will begin to notice how the soap scum, limescale and grease are getting removed from your ceramic sink. Once you are done, rinse clean the sink by running fresh cold water from the sink’s faucet. If you notice any limescale, soap scum, grease or stains once that the white vinegar and baking soda mixture is washed away repeat the cleaning by applying larger amounts of both ingredients. Repeat the procedure until your sink gets sparkling clean.

As you see cleaning a ceramic sink isn’t as complicated and time consuming as you have imagined so don’t neglect the cleaning of your sink as a dirty sink can have an unwanted influence on the overall feeling of your home. Keep in mind that you can use this simple but yet effective cleaning method to clean almost any kind of ceramic items. So if you have other ceramic features within your home such as tiles, decorative vases, ceramic plates and so on, don’t be hesitant into using this cleaning method to maintain them in proper condition.